Athanasios Antoniou

Athanasios Antoniou was born in Komotini in 1979. He is a computer engineer with a M.Sc. Degree on Wireless Sensor Networks. He received his M.Sc. Degree from the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of Patras in 2009.

His main research focus includes routing protocols and middleware design and implementation for Wireless Sensor Networks. He has also mature designing and programming experience on web-based applications, database applications with data recording, analysis and reporting services, microcontrollers’ firmware and mobile phone applications utilizing low energy wireless communication technologies.

His previous experience includes working as a Network Administrator and applications programmer for a small private company, as a main programmer for the IRIS ERP system for the Intermediate Managing Authority (IMA) of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace and as a software engineer for the PNYKA e-Voting system for the e-Government sector of Computer Technology Institute in Patras.

Currently, he is working mainly on developing firmware for wearable and other smart devices.

Main scientific interests:

Sensor Networks, application firmware development for prototype smart devices, smartphone (Android) applications.

Selected publications:

[1]. “Design and Evaluation of a Person-Centric Heart Monitoring System over Fog Computing Infrastructure” by O. Akrivopoulos, D. Amaxilatis, A. Antoniou, I. Chatzigiannakis, HumanSys 17, November 2017.

[2]. “Resource and service virtualisation in M2M and IoT platforms” by Karkazis Panagiotis, Trakadas Panagiotis, Theodore Zahariadis, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Mischa Dohler, Andrea Vitaletti, Athanasios Antoniou, Leligou Helen, Lambros Sarakis, Int. J. Intelligent Engineering Informatics, Vol. 3, Nos. 2/3, 2015.

[3]. “Wearable ECG System for Health and Sports Monitoring” by Emil Valchinov, Athanasios Antoniou, Konstantinos Rotas and Nicolas Pallikarakis, MOBIHEALTH 2014 – 4th International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare, Athens, Greece.

[4]. “Using Future Internet Infrastructure and Smartphones for Mobility Trace Acquisition and Social Interactions Monitoring”. A. Antoniou, E. Theodoridis, I. Chatzigiannakis, G. Mylonas. Future Internet Assembly 2012.

[5]. “Monitoring Physical Space using Mobile Phones for Inferring Social & Contextual Interactions” by A. Antoniou, I. Chatzigiannakis, E. Theodoridis, G. Mylonas. Proceedings of IEEE Sensors 2011 and Poster Session, Oct. 2011.

[6]. “A peer-to-peer environment for monitoring multiple wireless sensor networks” by A. Antoniou, I. Chatzigiannakis, A. Kinalis, G. Mylonas, S. Nikoletseas, A. Papageorgiou . Proceedings of the 2nd ACM workshop on Performance monitoring and measurement of heterogeneous wireless and wired networks, November 2007

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