Biomedical Instrumentation and measurements

Clinical Audiometer Audiomaster

The device has been designed and developed to perform a number of standard audiometric tests. Acoustic and bone conduction can be examined. The results can be easily printed or transferred to a computer. The device is manufactured using modern electronic components and surface mounting technology. The AUDIOMASTER COMPLIES WITH IEC 645-1, 2, 3 AND IEC601-1.

Active Electrodes and Multichannel Amplifier for Biopotential Recording

The system is intended for multi-channel, high resolution biopotential measurements in research applications. Advances in technology have allowed to significant increase the number of channels, digital resolution, input range and sample rate, without any increase in size, power consumption or cost. The system uses active electrodes, features small size and offers advanced characteristics in terms of low-frequency noise and power-line interference.

Mobile Wearable Wireless Monitoring System

The system aims to provide high quality ECG/EEG signals for extended periods. It features real time wireless data transfer, on site data storage and hybrid dry electrodes embedded in elastic vest fabric or headband. The system can execute both signal storage in an embedded flash memory and real-time signal monitoring by sending the data to a host PC or to the patient/physician smartphone. It is controlled by a 32-bit high-performance RISC CPU, where the wireless data transfer is implemented with Wi-Fi radio transceiver module with integrated PCB antenna and full featured TCP/IP protocol stack.

System for Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation

The system is intended to minimize the duration of the weaning process in patients under mechanical ventilation. Different medical devices are remotely accessed and vital parameters are collected and analyzed. Based on the estimated patient efforts, the system gives the opportunity for a continuous and automatic refinement of the ventilation settings, according to a user-defined algorithm.

Active Biopotential Electrode with Adjustable Anchoring System

This active electrode features an integrated first amplifier stage and a new adjustable anchoring system designed to reduce the electrode-skin contact impedance, its variation and motion artifacts. This is achieved by increasing the electrode-skin tension and thus decreasing its relative movement. Additionally, the sensing element provides local constant skin stretching thus eliminating the contribution of the skin potential artifact. The integration of the first amplifier stage eliminates problems associated with active_biopotential_electrode2high skin-electrode contact impedance, capacitive coupling between the cables and sources of interference, and artifacts due to cable movements. The development of such an electrode provides the possibility to record very weak signals and opens up perspectives for a number of new applications.

Novel Hybrid Sensor for Zero-Prep ECG/EEG Measurements (2,4GHz-Wi-Fi)

The hybrid dry electrodes use a combination of high impedance resistive and capacitive coupling to the skin and consist of a sensing element, an ultra-high input impedance buffer, a common-mode follower, a high-pass filter and an amplifier circuit. Each electrode consists of a small round standard PCB which acts as a physical substrate where the biopotentials are sensed hybrid_sensors2through a set of tiny ‘spikes’, connected to the copper fill on the PCB’s bottom layer. Each of the sensor spikes is small enough to reach the skin through the vest texture or hair without trapping it beneath. The amplifier front-end is actively shielded with an outer ring around the base and with an inner PCB plane.

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