Clinical Engineering and Medical Technology Management

Medical Equipment Management Systems

Medical Equipment Management Systems (MEMS) are developed in cooperation with the Institute of Biomedical Technology (INBIT) to support Clinical Engineering Departments (CEDs) of Hospitals with an emphasis on safety, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of medical equipment.

MEMS support all operations of the CEDs, including:

  • Inventorying and archiving, comprising the complete management of records related to medical devices, manufacturers, suppliers, groups, models, etc.
  • Management of equipment acquisition procedures.
  • Preventive maintenance and periodic inspections of medical equipment with the management of protocols and procedures for quality assurance and safety.
  • Corrective maintenance with overall management of the work orders.
  • Scheduling of all the tasks and procedures of the CED.
  • Quality assurance using quality and cost indicators for monitoring the quality and performance of the overall CED activities and individual services.
  • Report generation with data analysis and statistics.
  • Management of vigilance-related adverse incidents.
  • Management and monitoring of education and training activities of both the CED staff and hospital personnel in the maintenance and use of medical devices are also provided by the system.

An updated version of this system is the Web-Praxis that is developed with PHP scripting language and MySQL. It can be installed either as an intranet or internet application, according to the hospital’s Information Technology policies and practices.

The system has been designed so as to address the needs of the CED of stand-alone hospitals or groups of hospitals. In addition, it could be used as a monitoring system from authorities that control the function of multiple hospitals, such as Regional Health Care Systems and/or Ministries of Health.

The system is currently installed in some of the largest hospitals in Greece:

  • General Hospital of Athens “Evaggelismos”
  • General Hospital of Athens “Laiko”
  • General Hospital of Attica “KAT”
  • University General Hospital “Attikon”
  • Chest Diseases Hospital of Athens “Sotiria”
  • University General Hospital of Patras
  • General Hospital of Sparti
  • The new version is expected to replace soon the stand-alone systems.
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