Fotis Papathanassopoulos

Fotis Papathanassopoulos obtained his B.Sc. Engineering degree from the University of London and subsequently received his M.Sc. in Business Information Systems. He also holds a PhD in Health Technology Efficiency from the University of Patras.

He collaborates with the Biomedical Technology Unit for more than 20 years with main task the management of National and European research projects.
Selected publications:

Evaluating efficiency of Greek Health Centers. F. Papathanassopoulos, E. Panoutsopoulou and K. Kounetas. 6th Panhellenic Conference in Biomedical Technology, 6-8 May 2015, Athens.

m-MEDAL: Mobile MEdical Devices ALert Application. Malataras P, Papathanassopoulos F, Dermitzakis A, Panoutsopoulou Ε, Pallikarakis N. International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning – IMCL2014, Special Track on Mobile Health Care and Training (MHCT), Thessaloniki, Greece, November 13-14, 2014.

Medical equipment adoption in Greek Hospitals. The case of CT Scanners. Papathanassopoulos F, Kounetas K, Skouras D. Journal of Health Management, 15: 157-167, June 2013.

Vigilance System Adoption Model (in Greek). Papathanassopoulos F, Panoutsopoulou E, Kounetas K. 5th Panhellenic Conference in Biomedical Technology, 4-6 April 2013, Athens.

How efficient are Greek Hospitals? A case study using a double bootstrap DEA approach. Kounetas K, Papathanassopoulos F. European Journal of Health Economics, doi:10.1007/s10198-012-0446-z.
Does the Adoption of New Medical Technology boost Productive Efficiency? The case of the Greek ICUs System. Tsekouras K, Papathanassopoulos F, Pappous G, Kounetas K. International Journal of Production Economics, 128(1): 427-433, 2010.

Medical Devices Quality and Safety Controls Unit: Standards to Develop, Needs to Address, Challenges to Face. Malataras P, Kamarianakis Z, Stavrianou K, Bliznakov Z, Valchinov E, Panoutsopoulou E, Papathanassopoulos F, Pallikarakis N. 6th European Symposium on Biomedical Engineering — ESBME 2008, Chania, Crete Island, Greece, June 19-21, 2008.

Medical Technology Inventory and Assessment in Health Centres of Central Greece. Pappous G, Papathanassopoulos F, Tsekouras K, Tsakos G, Pallikarakis N. 3rd European Symposium on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics — ESBME 2002, University of Patras, Greece, August 27 – September 1, 2002.

Intensive Care Units in Greece: An Efficiency Assessment. Papathanassopoulos F, Pappous G, Sypsas P. 1st Hellenic Workshop on Productivity and Efficiency Measurement, December 2001, Patras, Greece.

Identifying factors that influence the degree and intensity of the adoption of biomedical technology in Greece: A case study of computerised tomography. Papathanassopoulos F, Malataras P, Dimara E. 2nd European

Symposium of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, University of Patras, Patras, Greece, October 6-8, 2000.

The evaluation of the BME postgraduate course and future perspectives. Papathanassopoulos F, Griva V, Kolitsi Z, Pallikarakis N. 1st European Symposium on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, Patras, Greece, August 28-29, 1998.

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