BITU Services

Product and Embedded Systems Development.

Hardware Design and Development (both mechanical and electronic design)

  • Interface for all types of Sensors/Transducers and Actuators: Biomedical, Environmental, etc.
  • All types of Microcontrollers, Microprocessors and FPGA systems

Application Firmware Development

  • Wearables utilizing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT or LoRa Communication Technology.
  • Edge and Internet of Things Devices

Software Design and Development

  • Routing protocols, middleware design and implementation for Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Web applications’ programming, peer-to-peer systems, and Design of web-based applications.
  • Database applications with data recording, analysis and reporting services.

Mobile Applications Programming.

  • Android App development.
  • iOS App development.

Programming experience

  • Qt, C, C++, Android SDK, JAVA, Python
  • Working with version control systems (SVN, Git)
  • Firmware development for Cortex M0, Cortex M4F, Intel Curie, Intel Quark SE C1000 and PIC32MX series microcontrollers.
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript (+ jQuery Library), Apache Tomcat, PHP ( Yii Framework), AJAX, XML/XSLT, PHPExcel)
  • Database Management Systems (MySQL, SQLite, Postgres SQL, MS SQL express)
  • Database Management with Geographical Data (Geoserver)
  • Web-GIS (Open layers, Geo Ext, Google Maps API, Leaf Let)
  • Natural Language Processing (Apache UIMA)
  • Scientific Programming (Matlab, Prolog, Clips, Lisp)
  • iOS: Swift, Objective-C, ReactiveCocoa, Alamofire, SwiftyJSON, Realm, CoreData, Firebase, CoreBluetooth, SpriteKit, Cocoapods, Carthage, Fastlane etc, Functional Programming, MVVM and design patterns, Clean architecture, Dynamic Layouts (Snapkit / Masonry), Quick, Nimble, Dependency Injection (Swinject), Universal apps.
  • Continuous Integration: Travis CI
  • IDE: XCode, Android Studio, AppCode, Webstorm
  • VCS: git, TFS

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